We had the opportunity to meet the partners of the project Young Cultentrepreneurs for the 2nd Transnational Project Meeting hosted by INCOMA in Seville on 28/3.

We have completed the Handbook for Youth workers: The Hows and whys for Cultural and creative entrepreneurship.

In the meeting, we discussed the structure of PR2, which is the creation of The Young Cultentrepreneurs course to engage, inspire and unleash the youth’s potential for the cultural and creative economy. The project will develop a blended learning course to assist youth in harnessing their creativity and youth cultures and transforming them into entrepreneurial ideas. The course will follow a non-formal learning methodology with the active participation of all young participants.

The topics will include Introduction to cultural and creative entrepreneurship, Digital transformation and cultural and creative economy, Essential of entrepreneurship for the cultural and creative sector, Digital tools to develop content, artefacts, and products for the cultural and creative sector.