Supporting youth innovative minds for cultural and creative entrepreneurship

Activities & outputs

Handbook for Youth Workers: The HOWs and WHYs for cultural and creative entrepreneurship

This handbook will be an educational resource in the hands of youth workers that will fully acquaint them with what is cultural and creative economy, how youth can harness their innovation and steer it in cultural and creative entrepreneurship, how to integrate concepts in their work and also guide young people with the ultimate aim to reap the benefits of cultural and creative entrepreneurship for labour market inclusion of young people in NEET situation. The handbook published in digital format in six languages and available online will be a prime educational resource for youth workers and practitioners. Online seminars will be implemented in 5 countries with the participation of 100 youth workers in total.

The Young Cultentrepreneurs course to engage, inspire and unleash the youth potential for the cultural and creative economy

A course will be developed to engage, inspire and unleash the youth potential for the cultural and creative economy. The course will be a blended learning experience and will be available in six languages to be piloted in Poland, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Sweden to a total of 80 young persons aged 18-29 in NEET situation.

The Young Cultentrepreneurs scrapbook for cultural and creative economy: Meet the innovative young minds

The digital scrapbook will be an online publication, designed and produced in collaboration with the young people participating in the course, which will present their project journey (with links to audiovisual materials) and showcase their ideas and works. This result will give the opportunity to young persons to present their work and to start up their entrepreneurial endeavors. The scrapbook will be published in English, Polish, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.