Our project is a year old!

Jul 17, 2023

It has been a year since the kick-off meeting during which the project was organized. Like today, it was a sunny day in Poland during which we had the opportunity to discuss the project details, plan forthcoming activities, and get to know each other!

On the premises of Stowarzyszenie Integracja I Rozwój in Kielce we spent a couple of hours making sure that every activity that was planned in the project proposal was clear for us and we were well-prepared to implement them.

But what else have we successfully achieved during the last 12 months? See the list below:

  • We have developed the Handbook for Youth Workers: The Hows and Whys for cultural and creative entrepreneurship – which is available in 6 language versions: ENG, GR, PO, ES, SE, PL.
  • We have started working on the blended-learning course for young people that includes topics such as: Introduction to cultural and creative entrepreneurship, Digital transformation and cultural and creative economy, Essential of entrepreneurship for the cultural and creative sector, Digital tools to develop content, artefacts and products for the cultural and creative sector.
  • We organized online seminars for youth workers in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Poland to get feedback on the Handbook from the participants.
  • We designed the project website (www.youngcult.eu), and FB profile (@YoungCultentrepreneurs). Follow us!
  • We attended numerous online meetings to plan and sum up every project stage.
  • We had the possibility to meet in person in Kielce (07/07/2022) and Seville (28/03/2023).
  • We familiarised ourselves with the problem of cultural and creative entrepreneurship, and we discovered that there is a lot to do in this matter.
  • and many, many more…

In the near future, we will start the recruiting process for the trainings. Thus, we warmly invite you to follow us!