Supporting youth innovative minds for cultural and creative entrepreneurship


KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre, Greece

KMOP is one of the oldest civil society organisations in Greece, established in 1977 with the mission to contribute to effective social policy design and to implement impactful programmes that build resilience, combat inequalities, and promote inclusive and sustainable social growth. KMOP studies, analyses, proposes solutions, and makes policy interventions to address contemporary social challenges based on fairness, innovation, sustainability, and balanced development. KMOP’s work focuses on a wide range of thematic areas such as Health Promotion & Wellbeing, Human & Fundamental Rights, Education, Civil Society & Democracy, Social Inclusion & Employment, and Arts & Culture. During the last 15 years, KMOP has successfully delivered more than 300 initiatives, while more than 65,000 people have benefited from its projects and services.

Stowarzyszenie Integracja i Rozwoj, Poland

The Association of Integration and Development (SIR) was registered on 21st June 2001 in Kielce, Poland.
For more than 20 years SIR has implemented about 60 projects funded from the European Union Funds. SIR has been actively involved in various initiatives that can be grouped in sectors:
1. Social economy and social exclusion
SIR is the leader of the consortium which since September 2016 has been running the Kielce-Ostrowiec Social Economy Support Centre in the northern subregion of the Świętokrzyskie. The KOOWES was accredited by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in 2016.
2. Labour market and third sector support
SIR awarded 221 unemployed people non-repayable investment grants for business development, and almost 500 provided micro-grants for young NGOs and informal groups.
3. Education and international cooperation
SIR implemented 7 projects under Erasmus + in the area of youth education, counseling and entrepreneurship under which there has been developed: models of enhancing soft skills, entrepreneurial issues and job shadowing schemes, e-learning platforms, etc.

ARTIT, Greece

Artit Athens Ltd. ( is a pioneering online gallery, based in Athens, Greece. Since its inception on the 15th of April 2019, Artit has been supporting and rewarding creative endeavours, especially those of undiscovered, yet highly
promising, visual artists around the globe. With over 2k international Artit members coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, Artit has managed to use its novel digital platform as a means to connect, support and reward visual artists by hosting monthlypublishing opportunities and a wide range of theme-specific virtual exhibitions.We believe in art as a powerful tool that talks directly to the hearts of people; one that can trigger positive change. With the latter in mind, we aim to using art as a means to raise awareness towards matters that touch on each and every one of us. Whetherthat is to target global warming and reestablish respect to nature or pointing to troubling political, environmental and societal topics, we give voice to artists and organisations that strive for the best version of the world we live in.


APROXIMAR ( is a Social Solidarity Cooperative, created in 2006, aiming to enhance people, communities and organisations’ human and social capital as a strategy to strengthen their capacity to take advantage of the existing and emergent challenges and opportunities. The mission is accomplished daily by co-designing and developing tailor-made social innovation, good practices exchange and transfer driven projects, besides delivering its own pack of empowering and capacity building services: training, consultancy and social intervention. APROXIMAR develops network projects with national and international partners in its areas of intervention that enable the design and implementation of good practices and accelerate learning processes through the sharing of resources and knowledge and the exploitation of synergies. The 4 main sectors are: 1) Education, Training and Social Capital (2007); 2) Social Economy, Entrepreneurship and Employability (2009); 3) Criminal Justice System (2012); and 4) Active Ageing and Dependent Care(2016). Our offer (programmes) always combine social science (knowledge), active methods (people) and suitable tools (technology).


INCOMA is a training and research centre based in Seville (Spain) with extensive know-how and experience in the development and coordination of international cooperation projects mainly funded within the framework of EU programmes, especially in the field of education, training and research.
The INCOMA group is composed of a multicultural and committed team with relevant experience in transnational cooperation projects funded through different EU programmes (including Erasmus+, AMIF, H2020, EaSI or ENI), as well as through other international programmes (such as EEA grants and several national initiatives promoting mobility for educational purposes in EU countries).
INCOMA’s activity is especially devoted to the development of social innovation projects, with special focus on targeting groups at risk or with special difficulties to enter the labour market, namely young people, women and citizens with a migrant background.


SwIdeas is a value-driven organisation and our aim is not to generate profit but to make an impact. We believe in sustainability, diversity, collaboration, and added value. When working with clients and partners, our aim is to support those who provide value not only for themselves, but also for their societies and communities, and to empower business owners and organisations to do so.
SwIdeas is an entrepreneurial multicultural organisation bridging and partnering with small-scale enterprises, NGOs and other organisations to provide expertise within start-up, international development, social and sustainable development, and advisory services. We are a globally aspired, yet regionally rooted organization incorporated in Sweden.